Google help Japan earthquake Victims by launching Google person finder

Google is one of the most influential companies out there when it comes to the online world and now, they have launched a special version of the People Finder applcation that is made especially in order to help the victims of the terrible earthquake that hit Japan last week.

The service that has been launched on the Google website acts as a directory and message board for the people affected by the earthquake. The idea of the service is that it will help people that have been affected by the earthquake to find their loved ones who are currently missing in the country. The message boards will allow people to post notes saying that they are safe and their loved ones will be able to open a search for a missing person.

The system has been designed especially to be able to be embedded on other websites, making sure that the service gets as much attention as possible. Since it was launched just a few hours after the quake struck the area on Friday, there have been more than 4,000 records entered into the system. In the past, the same style of system from Google has proved extremely useful in finding missing people and it is hoped that the same will be said for the service for the Japan earthquake.

If you are currently looking for someone in Japan that is missing or you are unsure if you have been named missing yourself, head over to the Google site and file a report.

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