Tips to restore files and folders hidden by viruses

Sometimes we find our flash blank when viewed using Windows Explorer, but when viewed in Properties, apparently full capacity utilization. Well .. if you meet these conditions, be thankful you're data is still there but hidden in the (hidden). Cases like this usually happens because the virus hides files and folders, so it takes a special trick to bring it back. As for how to restore a file or folder that is hidden (is hidden) by the virus are:

1. First open Windows Explorer and enable the option "show hidden files and folders " menu by going to TOOLS - FOLDER OPTIONS - VIEW, then select "show hidden files and folders ".

Folder Option

5. OK, we try to check the current contents of a file or folder is hidden by the virus in our flash, we assume here F is the flash drive. Type the following command "F:" and then press ENTER, the command is useful to move the prompt to drive F.

command prompt

6. To view any file or folder that dihidden on drive F (flash), use the command "dir / ah"

Then we will be able to see any files or folders are hidden by the virus in the flash us. Here there are 2 folders and 1 file in the hidden condition, ie the folder "DATA-IMPORTANT", "DATA-TA" and "task-akhir.doc".

7. Now we will use the command "attrib" to bring back the hidden files and folders last. Here exemplified to bring back the folder "DATA-TA" and files "task-akhir.doc". The command "attrib" that need to be typed here are:

F: \> attrib.exe-R-H-S / s / d DATA-TA


The above command will bring back the folder "DATA-TA", to bring up the file "task-akhir.doc" we use the following command:

F: \> attrib.exe-R-S-H-akhir.doc task


8. To ensure the folders and files had reappeared, please do you see using Windows Explorer.

windows explorer

9. Congratulations ... your data has appeared again ..

- To bring up the Folder use the command: "attrib.exe-R-H-S / s / d-folder name
- To bring up the Folder use the command: "attrib.exe-R-S-H-full-file name

Hopefully this article provide benefits

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