Wash Baby Clothes safely

Washing baby clothes are different from adult laundry. Babies are generally more sensitive to some specific chemicals used in the washing process, for it required special handling in washing baby clothes, especially the newborn. Here are some tips that might be useful for mother in baby's mother wash clothes.

Baby's skin is more sensitive

Baby’s skin is very sensitive and more sensitive than adult’s skin. Some ordinary clothes washing detergents often makes her skin rash, and cause irritation and itching. Therefore it is advisable for mothers to use a special detergent to wash the baby's layette. Yet the content of detergent without perfumes and dyes are also proven to be quite safe to use to wash your baby clothes. Perform 2 times for rinsing when washing detergent remnants are not left behind in clothes.

Use a detergent that is safe for infants

Soaps and perfumes are the cause of an allergic reaction most often occurs in newborns, which can even occur also in adults. For that if it looks infants allergic skin reactions such as skin redness, irritation, and rashes after wearing freshly washed clothes, could be the baby's mother that the mother is allergic to detergents used to wash the clothes. Immediately consult the pediatrician to be given treatment and stop the use of detergents.

Use dryer

Many women fear baby clothes shrink if dried in the dryer, yet they rarely occur if the mother handle it correctly. Use the lowest temperatures when drying baby clothes in the dryer to avoid shrinking clothes, baby clothes and make it look fresher.

Avoid use of softener and freshener clothes

Softeners and fragrances for clothing is not just one of the cause of irritation and allergies in babies, but also can cause serious impact on health. Notice also the use of softener and freshener on your clothes by making sure that you rinse it with clean, because it is quite possible that behind the rest of softener can move into your baby's clothes. If you must use it, make sure it is safe for your baby.

Wash clothing before use

Make sure you first wash clothes, diapers, blankets, bed linen to your baby before she was to wear it for the first time. Chemicals are left on the clothing production process can cause skin irritation on your baby. Likewise dyes used may have faded when exposed to sweat baby.
Separate clothes from adult laundry

Separate Your baby's clothes with adult laundry

This is very advisable to separate your baby laundry with adult laundry. You can use different laundry bag to separate them to avoid the germ will transfer from the adult laundry to your baby laundry. Stephen Joseph is one of creative person who have designed for any model of laundry bag and also school backpack for your kids.

Avoid bleach

Avoid using bleach or detergents containing bleach to wash baby clothes. Bleach chemicals in clothing can cause skin irritation is more severe in infants who can make their skin suffering from eczema.

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