Control Computer by blinking eyes

computer control only by blinking an eye? It may sound impossible,but with a special device it could have been done.

PCEye Tobii, a special gadget that is designed so that users canuse a computer in a different way. Shaped like a regular webcam,but must be placed at the bottom of the monitor and connected viaUSB.

After finally installed, then with a little calibration PCEye can be directly operated. Users only need to stare or blink to control the computer in front of him.

"Easy to use, reliable, and outstanding performance that our design goals for PCEye," said Oscar Werner, Executive VicePresident, Tobii Assistive Technology. As quoted fromTomshardware, Friday (8/4/2011).

Werner claimed PCEye also can recognize eye movements with an accuracy of about 95% without any unaffected by eye color, light conditions, the environment, even the motion of the head once.This device also said it will not burden the computer's performance.

"Tobii PCEye will not slow down the computer, because it hasinvested special prossor which ensures tracking eye movementdoes not drain PC resources," added Werner.

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