Creating Hardisk Partitions in Windows 7

Creating Partitions in Windows on Microsoft's previous operating system such as Windows actually can also easily create partitions, but can not directly when the windows operating system is running, unless the use of certain auxiliary software.

Excess in Windows 7 is able to directly create partitions on windows without the help of other software. When Windows 7 installed for the first time usually use only one partition is drive C: as partitions. Partition is what will we divide in this tutorial. Distribution of this partition is known as shrinking the System Partition.

Note: Although this article specifically discusses the dividing partition system, the procedure described here can be used to shrink the partition ANY, not just the system partition. Also note that the partition dividing the system does not require a reboot and does not eliminate any files on shared drives.
Here are the steps;

  • Please you log on as Administrator.
  • Go to [Control Panel> System and Maintenance> Administrative Tools> Computer Management]. Another way is to right click on Computer icon on the desktop and select [Computer Management]. If you are prompted to enter an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
membuat partisi windows
  • Click the arrow on the [Storage] and will open the Disk Management console. See picture
;membuat partisi

  • Select your hard disk partitions to be divided, for example, in this example Drive C.
  • Right-click the disk you want to share and select [Shrink Volume].
partisi hard disk

  • The process will take some time, until the system shows the structure of the partition.
  • In the next window by default the system will automatically divide the size of each partition of old and new. You can change the size of the partition. Please note, once again, that this measure relates to the actual amount of free space on the partition to be shared. You can not take the space exceeds the amount of fragmentation of files on that partition. When finished, click the button [Shrink].

partisi hard disk

  • This process will be completed quite quickly, and reboot NOT needed. You can see the new partition size. The process is complete.

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