How to avoid Cybercrime

Cybercrime is a threat that continues to grow, and cyber criminals slowly slipped to the sites that we believe. Each time you use the internet, know that: identity theft occurs every three seconds and you or your family may be just one click will become victims of cybercrime.

According to the report Norton Cybercrime Report 2010, 86 percent of Indonesian adult Internet users have become victims of cybercrime. This includes victims of the virus, online credit card fraud and identity theft. Unfortunately, people tend to underestimate the security of the website.

Although certain sites seem invisible harmless, behind it there may be hidden bugs or even viruses. Malicious Web sites can also contain phishing scams mode and unwary users can enter personal data in there, and then exploited by cyber criminals.Effects incident could even extend to the social circle of victims.

For example, someone who clicks on a malicious link or ad secretly download the software to their computer. Then, the software had to steal confidential information resulting in financial losses, or send spam messages to everyone in the person's contact list. Because the messages had been received from people they know, the first victim earlier contacts can be more easily persuaded to open it. And the circle of this attack continues.

Norton Cybercrime Report 2010 also found that it took 36 days to resolve cases of cybercrime. And it would cost more than Rp 11 million! (USD 11,558,945). That is why, a prevention efforts must already exist to protect the family. In order not to become one more victim of cybercrime.

Ensuring a comprehensive security software, such as Norton 360 version 5.0, will help maintain your safety while online. As a security solution all-in-one of the fastest and lightest in the industry today, Norton 360 v5.0 will protect your identity, computer and your important files. Comprehensive protection, easy to use and against almost all threats.

You can also use rating sites (website rating tools) such as Norton Safe Web to find out the security risks of a site before visiting. It's easy, just type the name of the site in and get ratings. From the ratings it can be known, whether the site is secure from malicious threats and identity theft.

Solve the problem of cybercrime can be very frustrating and emotionally draining his victims. Users of online services should improve the knowledge and understanding of the digital dangers that continue to evolve to be able to avoid the pitfalls of cyber criminals.

Remember, every click is important, so clever was the clicking.And do not miss the information to protect themselves from cyber criminals out there.

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