How to motivate your child to go back to school

Parents will feel stress if you hate to hear her son to school and do not want school anymore. How to persuade him is not to scold or yell, but find out what the cause and invite your child speak carefully. Probably most of the children even feel hate to come to school, but usually those feelings do not last long. Schools are one place where someone could get an education, friends and develop the ability to socialize with others. Children who do not want the school could have been because the child feels scared or stressed out to come to school, this will affect to the body of the child.

There are several things you can do to motivate your child to be back to school:

1. Familiarize children to always write no matter what happens or her feelings in a diary. This is nice for children who do not want to share with anyone, because it can help remove all the emotions.

2. Invite your child to talk about the problems encountered in school. Children can talk to parents, friends or teachers who believed that could make her feel better.

3. Get used to prepare everything the child needs to go to school since that night, so the time of the morning the child does not feel stressed or rush that made ​​him
reluctant to go to school.

4. Buy them the new school needs. It would be nice if you could go with children to buy them. This gives a sense of responsibility to them at once. Let him choose his own purposes such as school bag, choose 100% cotton material designed by Stephen Joseph, bread boxes, lunch tote, drink bottles, pencil, crayon, pencil, and also nap mat which will be used by them to have a rest at home.

5. Invite your child to write what is not liked in school and what they like in school (though perhaps only at rest only). Then look for solutions together to overcome the things that they do not like at school.

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