How to use GPS Tracking in Blackberry

For you who has a Blackberry that there are facilities GPS (global positioning system), must have been very friendly with Blackberry Map. Really helps us when you're on a journey, because the GPS will be directly detected position / point where we are at that time.

Which will be discussed this time is how we use Blackberry as GPS Tracker GPS, so that our journey can be monitored / monitored remotely via the Internet in real time.

1. List (free) in, select the sign-up and complete the data2 which must be filled. once registered you will be given a 'device key' (a series of numbers), device key is to be used and entered on our blackberries.

2. On the blackberry should install GPS Tracker application
To install the GPS tracker app's how Open World, use the search to facilitate the search with the keyword 'gps tracker'
search results there are many, and which should we choose is the GPS tracker from InstaMapper LLC. Then download and install.

3. Once installed, the GPS tracker will be asked for the number Device Key, enter the key devices that have been obtained when the register of Instamapper earlier.

4 Run at Blackberry GPS Tracker (when it detects the satellite, the data GPSnya (longitude, latitude, altitude) is directly transmitted, and it can be read via the internet).

To monitor, open the internet on the computer and into then log in using user who have registered earlier.
Once logged in, we can see the position where the blackberries are and movement.

In addition to real time, we gps data is also stored in the database instamapper, so we still can open / view it at a later time .

There are a few things to note for Blackberry Gps tracking this:
The first, of course, should the existing Blackberrynya GPS.
Then Blackberry service should be with service Full service.
On time delivery of data can of course only when there are signals from cellular operators.
For tracking with a long time (long journey), because the data transmission process is done continuously, the battery will run out faster, you should be prepared also power external (mobile charger).

We have had many service providers in the vicinity of these GPS Tracking our professionally managed, not free, we have to buy / rent the device and service from these providers gps tracking. Able to be applied in rental cars, or in movable assets other precious .. etc.

This tips is only as an alternative to utilize existing facilities on the Blackberry. Hopefully useful.

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