Removing the default search engine from Mozilla Firefox

Can be intentional or not, but mostly not intentional, your default browser search engine became to, this usually happens because we are installing the toolbar or freeware application that there was a relationship with, so that you become the default web search to

If you feel bored or annoyed by the existence of this the search engine, as I feel, yes it should be removed and replaced again with

In Firefox browser, to eliminate them and restore the default search engine to follow a few simple steps below:

-Open your firefox browser
In the Address bar, type about: config click Go or press Enter,
-Click I'll be careful, I promise

-In Filter column, type keyword.url

Double-click keyword.URL
-Replace String Value, which was ....
become =

-Click OK,
Now your Firefox default search engine is no longer, but

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thanks brooo

techGALAXY said...

really helpful!!!

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