Apple iMac update

Finally, Apple also updated the iMac product line. Source of technology news site Apple Insider states that on Tuesday, May 3, 2011 tomorrow, Apple will launch the iMac that uses Intel's family of Sandy Bridge architecture and the latest Thunderbolt port.
"Apple continues to try to show all the requests that appear to be a new product can run smoothly. This week, all sizes will be displayed, according to accurate information from a number of our sources," said Kasper Jade from Apple Insider.

Apple reportedly also plans to hold the event "Visual Night" on May 3 in the morning. Event "Visual Night" is a process in which workers at Apple retail stores work from night until morning to replace the product in a shop window displays with the latest products.

Compared to other vendors, Apple is fairly slow to update the iMac. Products that use Sandra Bridger was launched in January 2011 and Apple just launched the MacBook is using Sandy Bridge shortly thereafter. Meanwhile, the iMac has not been any changes since the last version which was launched on July 27, 2010.

Even so, on the other hand Apple a bit lucky because delaying the launch of the iMac is juxtaposed with Sandy Bridge. The reason, shortly after launch in Las Vegas, United States, which uses the chipset series 6 Sandy Bridge was problematic and Intel was forced to withdraw. The chipset has been updated finally re-launched in mid-February.

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