Beware of Phishing Threat on Xbox 360

When the focus world attention to hacker attacks against the PlayStation Network (Sony), which have a direct impact on users of the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 users apparently (Microsoft) is also not free from threats.

Pointed out, there is the threat of phishing to the user via the Xbox 360 game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Similarly, as reported by Yahoo News, Wednesday (04/05/2011).

Although not as severe as an attack on Sony, which causes paralysis of the PSN network, Microsoft clearly does not want to missed. They have sent a warning to all Xbox Live users to be aware of this risk.

"The users will probably be the target of phishing attacks through certain messages when you're playing Modern Warfare 2. We have recognized this problem and is working to resolve it,"was the warning that was brought up by Microsoft.

Microsoft also warned users of the Xbox is not easily tricked into giving their Windows Live ID password via email, instant messenger or mobile phone. The reason, both Microsoft and the Xbox will not ask for password users through a third communication medium.

Users are advised only to type the password on the official websites of Microsoft or via their Xbox 360 console.

If an Xbox Live account was successfully penetrated, then the user is expected to contact the Xbox Support immediately.

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