Fastest internet : 100 terabytes per second

The researchers have set a world record by transferring more than 100 terabytes of data per second through single optical fiber cable.


So how much data, exactly? Yes, 100 is equivalent to 250 terabits of Blu-ray disc two sides, or approximately three months of HD video continues to play, successfully transferred.

According to NewScientist, who was quoted on Tuesday (03/05/2011), Dayou Qian from NEC managed to achieve data transmission rates of terabits per second 101.7 through 165 kilometers of fiber.

Qian managed to "squeeze" the speed of light from 370 laser pulses separately be received by the recipient. Each laser emitted infrared spectrum closely their own narrow, and each contains some polarity, phase and amplitude of light waves to the code of each packet of information.

Meanwhile, Jun Sakaguchi of Japan's National Institute of Information and Communications Technology in Tokyo was also able to transmit data with 100-terabit-per-second benchmarks by developing a fiber with 7 cores. Each core of each carry 5.6 terabits per second, yielding a total of 109 terabits per second.

"We are introducing a new dimension, spatial multiplication, to increase transmission capacity,"says Sakaguchi.

However, Ting Wang NEC believes the first application 100-terabit transmission is likely to occur in the data center giants like Google, Facebook and Amazon.

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