How to Upgrade Blackberry Smartphone OS

This time we will discuss about the OS upgrade of Blackberry Smartphone.Blackberry is a gadget that is in demand at present, there are so many types of blackberries are issued by the RIM, in terms of any software there are so many of those offered to the user / user.
I myself was a Blackberry user about this has been about 2 years to use it to interact with colleagues or colleagues. But only recently I upgraded the previous Blackberry OS is still using OS Upgrade Smarthpone Blackberry OS which I have actually caused by the desire of friends I have to upgrade your Blackberry OS to him, when he calls I've never even done the upgrade,

I try to upgrade the OS Blackberry Curve 8520 I owned, so if there is a request to upgrade the Blackberry OS can immediately I do. It turned out that way very easily, for guidance to avoid mistakes om I'm looking at Google, and I get step-by-step guide that is good enough to follow.

Steps to Upgrade Blackberry Smartphone OS is as follows:

  1. Prepare the latest OS to be upgraded, blackberry desktop manager, and a laptop or PC.
  2. Download the OS from the Blackberry website or category Firmware Blackberry Firmware OS to your PC. (IMPORTANT: Download the OS to the PC, and OS installation via a PC (Desktop Manager).
  3. After download, double-click a file the OS is to install OS to the PC that will be used to upgrade the OS Blackberry Smartphone. After that restart your PC.
  4. Delete files vendor.xml in C> Program Files> Common Files> Research in Motion> AppLoader.
  5. Turn off your internet network (optional).
  6. Enable Blackberry Desktop Manager and connect your Blackberry to your PC or laptop using a data cable.
  7. Backup Blackberry handheld data to a PC or laptop with the Blackberry Desktop Manager.
  8. Desktop Manager will perform automatic detection for data synchronization, and then will check for updates, and will show the latest version of the OS, follow the instructions that appear. (If not detected, reset and reset again the PC desktop manager).
  9. If the desktop manager is still not detect the latest OS, close the desktop manager and go to delete vendor.xml location, click loader.exe and follow the instructions that appear.
  10. Wait actually turns on and boots up to the home screen, do not unplug the cable or shake up the data cable.
  11. After the OS is upgraded successfully, you must re-apply the settings such as time, email, etc..

CAUTION: Not all the official OS upgrade is not successful, before following the upgrade instructions blackberry smartphone OS.

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