How to activate parental controls in Windows 7

Internet users increasingly growing and will continue to grow with the passage of time. Including children, Internet users among the kids has now become commonplace and should indeed, children are taught about the internet. Of the many benefits gained by using the internet, but there are also shortcomings and weaknesses. Among them are violent content, pornography, and even many children to teenagers and even adults even become victims of online crime via the internet. Therefore, as parents would and should be obliged to guide and keep the kids do not get caught and thrown to the things that are negative consequences of using the internet.

As one way of control of parents of children in the surf, is to use or activate the parental controls in Windows 7. For that follow these steps:

  • Before moving, I assume that you are the parent of the child and as an administrator user of the computer or your laptop.
  • Create new user account for your child. The trick, open the Control Panel and select User Accounts.
  • Select Manage Another Account and then click Create a new account.

  • Name the account in accordance with the wishes and select the Standard user, then click Create Account. (New account has been created)
  • Click Start, then type the parental controls and press enter.
  • Choose your child's account or the account you just created above.

  • Please note your account as an administrator should be given a password in advance, so that your child's account can not access the administrator account.
  • In the window that appears, activate the parental controls by selecting the option On, enforce current settings.

  • Underneath there are 3 settings windows settings.
  • Time limits. Set the time allowed and the forbidden time to surf. The color blue is a time that is prohibited while the white color is the time allowed. Click OK

  • Games. Select yes on the options the user can play games. Click the Game settings. Select the Block option games with no rating or select the block or allow specific games. Click OK

Allow and block specific programs. Select the settings can only use the programs I allow. Then select what programs are allowed and which should not be run. Click OK

Hopefully with these settings, children can still surf studying and playing without having to become victims of negative influences from the internet. And do not forget, guard and guide your child in a play on the internet, is expected to be intellectual.

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