Install antivirus in your flashdisk

Safety and "health" computer is absolutely expected and required by all computer users to use computers in their activities become more comfortable and safer. Many ways and the way computers are used in order to remain healthy and in fit condition and performance. One is to prevent attacks from malicious viruses by using antivirus always updated of course. Of the many ways the spread of viruses that infect computers, the most widely and efficiently is through storage media or removable disk (flash).

Virus infected flash will easily infect other computers when the flash is plugged in and then accessing or opening a file in flashdisk. From one computer to another computer flash is taking computer virus which then spread it to others.

For the safety of virus attacks from flash, it is recommended that before accessing the flash is always on and always do the scanning of the flash. Rely on antivirus alone is not enough. Sebaiknyalah friend try this one tool that truly free and portable, so do not overload the computer's performance. And again it is also powerful tools to clean the virus contained in the flash, because this tool is dedicated to eradicate the virus in flash, not on my hard drive. Some examples of viruses that attack through the flash is autoruns.inf, auto.exe, autorun.ini, ctfmon.exe, copy.exe, Macromedia_Setup.exe,, New Folder.exe, soundmix.exe, svchost.exe, semo2X.exe, windows.scr and others.

This tools is only 746 KB is called ninja pendisk. When running this tool will run on the system tray and can be set to run at startup, automatic clean and disable autoplay by right clicking on the icon in the system tray. Kerjanyapun very easy way. run this tool and then plug your flash, then this tool will work immediately and clean the flash of a virus is identified.

If you curious and intend to try it can download at the link below:

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