Why our computer always restart itself

PCs generally worked efficiently and no problems. However, occasionally broken PCs and one problem is the computer reboots itself. A variety of different problems can occur that will cause failure and eventually the computer restarts itself. This event can be caused by a system error, power fluctuations or discrepancies in its entirety.
Note: This article is only uncover the causes and solutions will be discussed in next article. This is the fifth cause of computer restarts itself;

1. Capacitor. One of the main causes PC to reboot itself is the problem of the motherboard. When the capacitors on the motherboards fail due to dry or leaking, the computer will reboot again and again. This is usually caused by poor electrical power source and unstable.

2. Power surge. A power surge can be caused by a sudden power failure. This can be caused by a power surge from the local electric service. This can cause the failure of the PC and the Windows operating system. To prevent this, you should always use the Stabilizer and Uninterrubtible Power Supply (UPS).

3. Fatal Error. Sometimes, you'll find a fatal error that causes the blue screen appears. In previous Windows versions, this screen remains until manually rebooted. However, with XP and so on, fatal error will cause the computer to reboot itself. If the error is not corrected, will continue to reboot your PC.

4. Software and Drivers. Sometimes, software incompatibility will cause the PC to reboot itself. If a new application is installed, there may be errors. If not, the new hardware requires drivers that may conflict with other software.

5. Hardware. Hardware damage will be visible the first time when the computer boots. If the wrong type of device has been installed, it will cause incompatibility problems and sometimes cause a reboot.

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