10 Reasons Blackberry Is still exist

RIM currently are in a situation that is less wearing. Many are predicting that the age of cell phones with this FUEL will not be much longer. Many have chided, many flattering.
Here are 10 reasons that Blackberry will still exist:

1. Security

If the RIM is more focused on the security, then the people will still remain looking for Blackberry. Although the current iPhone, Android and WP7 began his grind RIM market, but security on mobile Blackberry remains the main selling points that are not owned by its competitors. iPhone only had one phone model. Apple continues to increase security on the iPhone and corporate support for the iPhone but still have not achieved anything that belongs to the RIM at the moment.

Since Microsoft is focusing more on the consumer market in WP7, then corporate mobile phones based on these operating systems in the future will be more features that get caught consumer-sentrik so that the series is still in the corporate powers of the RIM. Android doesn't count in this section because as an operating system that is open, then open is also a great opportunity to threaten the security of a system.

2. Brand

The name of the Blackberry remains to be one of the reasons people to buy this phone. Especially for those who are lovers of the QWERTY keyboard.

3. physical buttons

True if the current smartphone touch screen design is menggandrungi. But the Blackbery was born as a mobile phone keypad with a QWERTY keyboard and physical remains will always be so without being affected by the design of full touchscreen. If there are people who are looking for a mobile phone with a QWERTY keyboard, the Blackberry is one of the best choices.

4. the QNX

This new Platform look promising when paired in the Playbook. The fact that RIM would wear these on mobile Blackberry platform will certainly increase consumer passion towards mobile phones returned to the Blackberry.

5. the emergence of Playbook

Many of the oang deride the RIM when they release a Playbook to compete with the iPad. Although it is ultimately the iPad just a month which sorely missed by the punguk, but the Playbook as a sign that the emergence of a new Blackberry OS is getting closer. This new OS also dikakakan will incorporate tablet smartphone OS with the OS so it will be increasingly integrated with each other. As Apple has done in the iOS and will be made by Google at the Ice Cream Sandwich as well as Microsoft Windows 8.

6. Vacancies in the middle market dominance under

Forget the upscale market is currently dominated by Apple and Android phones, Blackberry would be better if the target market and medium classes. Indeed this already crowded terlamapau market, but there is nothing to be so dominant here. Nokia has long been majority part of this little by little have been eroded and this can be an opportunity for RIM to come in and dominate the market with Blackberry. the iPhone is definitely not playing in this area, Windows Phone 7 is too costly for the middle class, Symbian is not very competitive, then the RIM still has a chance in the secondary market.

7. the Operator still needs a Blackberry

Software developer company is one of the main operator for any unrest OS provided will have easy and cheap way to communicate without using SMS or phone. This certainly can reduce the income of operators of such basic services. Google Android is said to be the largest operator of the world due to the anxiety of Google will be sucking data communications operators so as to reduce the use of SMS and phone. Basically the operator are enjoying some of the options and they are not particularly want Android to dominate the market and they will balance the Android to Blackberry. Dikatakakan Curve into a series favorite option because the operators were able to compete are affordable so valuable with Android phones.

8. the reliance on FUEL

This is the secret weapon of pemungkas belongs to the RIM. FUEL for a long time been the biggest reason people choose Blackberry phones. BBM is the chat service can only be used kesesama Blackberry users. With the level of security and ekripsi data, fuel proved to be powerful as chat platform that is secure and reliable. In fact it's what makes the RIM had to deal with some of the country because the State Government was not able to access the services of its FUEL. However, RIM has to start worrying about a new attack from Apple with the iMessage in iOS 5 which is a bit much to have in common with the FUEL platform.

9. There is still time for RIM to first settled

Nokia on this section is a good example of where the company is now led by Stephen Elop had waited too long to first settled at the high end so that they are lagging behind its competitors at present d. The current state of the RIM is still better than Nokia. They still have a little time to be put to good use for a quick first settled before everything became too late. Cozza from Gartner said if QNX can be a lifesaver RIM in the future, but they must be fast.

10. RIM has survived and continues to increase for decades

RIM was founded in 1984. For 27 years, was already living, surviving RIM, and continue to rise until it became popular as it is today. Although the State of the RIM in 2011 are not too good, but many people believe will able to survive. RIM Still according to Cozza from Gartner, if RIM is able to act quickly and take decisions with the right, the RIM is still going to keep being the fourth largest smartphone player 2015 later.

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