Dynamic Disk Manager Free Partition Manager for Windows

Dynamic Disk Manager Free Partition Manager for Windows If Partition Manager is the default in Windows 7 is basic and doesn't allow for advanced resizing or managing partitions. There are many free disk manager for Windows includes a Partition Manager EASEUS Partition Master Free and.

Dynamic Disk Manager is a new freeware tool is in beta and allows you to manage partitions on Windows. This application is compatible with Windows 7 and allows you to easily manage, create and change the size of the partition.

Note: the application is currently still in beta testing phase, so if you want to use you could try but only for testing purposes.

The application interface is pretty simple and comes with a feature along with a list of all available partitions on your PC and then you can select any task for a particular partition by selecting. This gives you full control over your PC & Server to maximize the use of disk space and optimize the performance of the computer to its full potential.

The main feature of this application;

Resize dynamic disk to fix the structure hard driveMengecilkan/Extend dynamic volumes with sederhanaMemperpanjang dynamic system volume for the unallocated space to set up the spaceMenindahkan slice dynamic volume configurationAdd drive for Software RAID 0 and RAID-5Remove drive from Software RAID 0 and RAID-5Mengkonversi a basic disk to the GPT disk to MBR dinamisMengkonversi a disk and vice versa

The beta version will expire on July 31 and the final version will be released in August. The developer has said that the application will have a home version will be provided as freeware.


Download Dynamic Disk Manager

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