Nokia Smartphone To Prune Prices 15%

A variety of ways in order to overcome the competition do Nokia in the smartphone market is tight. Smart phones Nokia market share decreased since Android-based handsets is present.

Mobile phone vendors from Finland was rumored to trim the price of a few smart phones to 15 percent for the European market. Mobile phones are experiencing trimming that price is a premium model, N8 mobile phone multimedia C7 and C6 is aimed at business people.

Meanwhile, several other models are also experiencing trimming price in a smaller scale. "There is no huge price reductions for each model. But this step is not done already very long, "cetus one speaker who works at one of Europe's telecommunications operator.

Nokia spokesman refused to comment about it, but he said the change is reasonable in the business. According to analyst Neil Mawston, trimming the price action will affect the vendor Nokia such as Motorola, Sony Ericsson and LG Electronics.

According to Gartner, Siemens lost his share in the smartphone market in the first quarter, from 39 per cent at the beginning of the year be 25.5 per cent. Given the popularity of Android phones that continue to rise, many analysts even predict Nokia will continue to lose share in the smartphone market until the end of the year later.

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