What You Should Consider Before Buying A Product online

Yesterday I got an email that it reads like this "how to know that the products it offers quality and isn't fraud?". "How do I know that after the transfer of money, I will certainly obtain the products?". Confusion like this you may experience when want to buy a product online, or when it intends to become a reseller of the product.
It is not easy to answer this question, but OK I'll try to compare with my experience as a computer Technician Guide ebook seller for approximately 7 months.
As a buyer, before buying a product, here's all you have to make sure:

Who is behind these products? Never buy products from people you do not know. Sellers of products must be in accordance with their fields. For example, because I have a blog about computers and the Internet, then it is reasonable if I sell ebooks Guide computer technician. What word other people about these products? Is there a testimony concerning such products are believed to be bias? For example I sell ebooks Guide computer technician, then I would attach a "TESTIMONIALS" on the website www.dpcworld.comApakah this product is of interest to many people? Whether the product has been many purchasers? As an example since I sell ebooks Guide computer technician in November 2010, the number of total users is the number of people with the current Registrar who has yet to conduct transactions is 142 people. Means closing the prospect is still quite a lot.If the price of its products in accordance with the quality of the product? Please compare the contents of the book to your needs, money is not your main problem.Is this product bergaransi? What kind of warranty? All you need is an unconditional guarantee. If a guarantee is conditional, that is the sign of a good deal less.Is the website accessible? If we can reach people directly? For example, I only had one no. 081355121794 and no. HP HP should you use to contact me anytime. That's how I apply in my ebook sales.What are the advantages of this product compared to other products? Do not buy the product before comparing it with similar products from other sources. Please compare both in terms of its content, price and warranty.

So this brief explanation, hopefully help you in choosing and buying products online.

Note: for email senders, answers on purpose I write here that fair-to-read all the articles and not as a promotional language.

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