Android Grab 20% iPad Market Share

Tablet with Android OS grab 20 percent market share within the iPad last 12 months, according to a research firm.

As quoted from Softpedia, Friday (08/12/2011), firm ABI Research announced that the tablets with Android OS able to grab 20 percent market share owned by iPad.

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since launched iPad tablet device continues to be a bestseller, but it does not mean that other vendors are unable to speak. "The tablets such as Motorola Xoom, Asus Eee Pad sufficiently inhibit the growth of the iPad," said Jeff Orr, Group Director at ABI Research.

"Although the tablets Android able to grab marketshare iPad, but no vendor is able to separately emulate Apple, or at least become a serious threat to them," he added.

Orr said that Android is rapidly expanding its growth, but vendors who use it no one has been prominent. Orr also said maybe because they use the same OS.

Terbesit also little doubt ABI Research on the long-term development of Android. "In fact, most vendors Android users are still put up their prices quite expensive tablet. Apple is a company that does not want to wait for competitors, because they continue to launch the latest version of the iPad them," he explained.

Parties ABI Research said that the year 2011 is expected to appear some changes. Orr said a matter of time until the one party that could become a strong competitor iPad.

"Because the tablets with a low cost will be launched by more than 50 vendors this year," added Orr

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