Benefits of humor

Joke is something unique art; funny comedian is the main capital to receive a reply from the audience in the form of laughter. Blonde Joke is an attempt to make others laugh, or simply make others happy. The tricks vary, depending on the comedian. It is usually adjusted to the conditions of people who would be laughing. The most common way is with a joke, with the subject of jokes of others, or oneself. Another way is to conduct a made-up stage can be cute and ridiculed in front of others. Lately, comedy became one of the major programs in several television stations. Whatever can be done by a comedian in order to provoke laughter, ranging from humorous storytelling, acting silly, imitating something or someone, and others. Entertainment seemed inseparable from the profession on this one. You may call it as a comedian. A multi-talented comedian is more versatile than a comedian.

Indeed, the humor was necessary. In fact, research by some experts as a reference I have ever read, such as stock car humor which has a positive impact on mental and physical health. Among these individuals to reduce anxiety levels, improve mental health, and reduce stress.

Humor is also effective to encourage positive thinking because humor makes the heart glad. If the heart is happy, people will usually behave better towards others, it is easier to think and find new alternatives that have never imagined. That humor can make people work more diligently and creatively.

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