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Free Mind Mapping Software is a diagram used to represent ideas in words, circles, squares mapping around the main keyword or idea. Very useful to visualize your ideas and other components around your idea. According to Wiki "By presenting ideas in, radially graphics, non-linear, mind maps encourage brainstorming approach to the tasks of planning and organization. "How to create a mind map? you can do it easily with Mind Mapping Software Free.

blumind 1 3 b Mind Mapping Software Gratis

blumind 1 3 b free BluMind Mind Mapping Software Mind Mapping is the best Free Software for Windows that allows you to create a mind map, edit, delete and view the mind map. Easy to brainstorming your ideas and bring your ideas with the visual approach, it is easy to take the idea to the next level. Once you create a mind map with Blumind, you can export the mindmap to image files like jpeg, png file formats.

With the customization options available in Blumind, you can give color to the task, change the font and total customization to your mind map. It is simple and easy from the user interface, editing multiple documents, supporting multiple languages ​​such as Chinese, etc.

You can also include a tree diagram, organization chart in your mind map. Support for color themes, notes, icons, progress bars and other widgets, providing a rich view to create and funtion.

Free Mind Mapping Software is available in two versions of the installer and portable versions

Mind Mapping Software Free Download

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