FRENDZY RENAULT: A car with BlackBerry Playbook on Dashboard

Renault has just released a new concept cardesign called FRENDZY intended to be acommercial business vehicles that can berfugsidoubles as a comfortable passenger car.

Frendzy an electric car that uses a powertrain Renault Kangoo Van ZE. Lithium-ion berbaterei car is spewing out 226 Nm of torque and power 60 hp. Maximum speed of 130 kph. Frendzy designed as a commercial car berinterior futuristic and with body asymmetry.

Uniquely car without pillar-B is equipped with a widescreen 37 "on the sliding doors. Playbook Tablet BlackBerry from Research In Motion (RIM) goes on the dashboard.

This feature brings the concept of "Office on Wheels" by adding PlayBook into a car dashboard.

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