Fruitshop : amplifier for iPhone

Accessories maker named Fruitshop recently launched an amplifier for iPhone, which increases the speaker volume without drawing additional power.

Taiwan-based company said that the speakers are silicone, which resembles an old-style horn speakers found on gramophones, relies on the principles of acoustics to amplify sound, instead of taking power from the battery.

These accessories are plugged at the bottom of the iPhone so that it covers the speaker grille and then distribute the iPhone voice through a trumpet-shaped tube, so it can add 12 decibels of sound pressure to the volume generated. In addition to the sound amplifier, this amplifier can also serve as a stand for the iPhone, which can sustain the iphone horizontally or vertically.

Fruitshop, this amplifier to market online. Available colors are black, green or brown for $ 25.

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