How to protect your eyes from UV ray

To prevent your eyes from some damages caused by ultraviolet rays, Sunglasses are not only as a means of preservation but also add a dash of your style. They are also very effective to hide the fact that your pupil diameter may be different from those around you, if you happen to be under the influence of controlled substances.

Most consumers are now aware about the dangers of sun exposure on the eyes. Ultra Violet rays (UV) radiation from the sun can not only damage the skin of your eyelids, but also the outside of the eye such as cornea and conjunctiva. UV exposure of the eye also contributes to the development of certain types of cataracts. Many people who use glasses to protect the sense of sight and ignore the dangers of UV rays.

However, not all sunglasses can block UV rays. According to research colored sunglasses without UV protection can be more risky than not wearing glasses at all. So it's important to wear sun shades with a clear protector that blocks harmful ultraviolet rays.

Although the glasses only be used as a style accessory, but the quality still must be considered. Do not be fooled by color or price. Features such as broad-spectrum protection, lens color, frame shape and fit are all important to properly benefit from sunglasses. So, keep these tips handy when you are choosing the right sunglasses for you. The ability to block UV light is not dependent on the darkness of the lens or the price. Choose sunglasses that are able to block 99-100 percent of ultraviolet rays. Some manufacturers label UV absorption up to 400nm. This shows 100 per cent UV absorption.

We should choose Oakley Fast Jacket Sunglasses which are wrapped around sunglasses and offer extra protection. Several studies have shown that UV rays are coming in around the standards eyewear frame could reduce the benefits of protective lenses. Always buy a pair of sunglasses from famous vendor such as Oakley Juliet sunglasses and not counter sunglasses roadside vendors. But keep in mind, at the same time, check the price. Although the price is high, matching the quality.

Beside that we must find a lens of uniform color, not darker in one area than another. To examine the imperfections of the lens, hold the glass at arm’s length and then look through a single straight line in the distance, like the edge of the door. Slowly, move the lens across the line. If the straight edge distorts, swaying, curves or moves, means the lens defects. UV-absorbing contact lenses should not be used as a substitute for sunglasses.

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