PC Benchmark for Performance and Speed

NovaBench is other similar freeware tool for Windows that allows you to benchmark your PC performance and speed. These applications do a series of tests to your PC, RAM, disk storage, etc. and finally menunjukkanya GPU with the score. You can store the results offline or online (by creating an account) and to compare the different levels.

Results of the test will take about 1-2 minutes to complete the results will be displayed in separate tabs.

Tests carried out;

  • Floating Point Test - Test the speed the CPU floating point arithmetic
  • Integer Test - Test CPU speed integer arithmetic
  • MD5 Hashing Speed ​​- general CPU test
  • 3D Graphics Test - Testing GPU with Shader 3D
  • Speed ​​of RAM - RAM read and write speed test
  • Disk Write Speed ​​- Test the speed of a primary or copy storage device selected

You can store the results online by creating an account or save it to your desktop for future reference. You can also compare the results online from here.

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