Phone Features Windows Mango Revealed

Features on mobile Windows Mango finally revealed. The ability to chat with your friends via Xbox Live is one of the new imported feature to update your Windows Mobile phone features a Mango.

In addition, the OS will also come a firmware update that will support the operating systems on Windows Phone (WP) 7.5, which will be issued in the autumn of this year.

More than 500 new features will be coming up with an update on Mango. This includes the integration of new who connected with Twitter and Linkedln, technology 3D will also be enhanced and software internet Exploler 9 will also be included with it, however features almost the same as the PC.

Here's an update feature that will be coming to WP 7.5 or known as Mango:

1. Streaming video or music content from the web browser of your mobile phone will continue to light up even if the user opens another application or put your cell phone in sleep mode.

2. expansion of Xbox Live connectivity such as voice chat with other users on Xbox Live can be present or updating the hosting Xbox Live can even play online games on the Xbox 360 that is real-time linked with player console.

3. integration of Facebook more deeply, which associate user login directly to your mobile phone, in order to eliminate having to login repeatedly.

In other words, Mango looks to be a hack update. Things to worry about is the scheduled update will be issued or not. The reason until today Microsoft did not yet have a record of stars making software updates WP at this point.

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