Repair corrupted files due to Virus attack

Your important documents can be damaged by virus attack or system crash, failure of the application and also the network error. But you can also repair a damaged file with a simple freeware tool which can repair a corrupted file in such cases.

This is a powerful tool to repair your damaged files. Scan of the damaged file and extract the maximum from data to a file that can be used. This application supports various file formats and document and has a simple interface to fix.

You only need to specify the folder where you have a damaged document and the application automatically starts to process them.

Support File Formats;

Word documents (doc, is corrupted. Docx,. Docm,. Excel Spreadsheet (Rtf). Xls, XLA, ... .Xlsx) Zip or RAR archive (. Zip,. Rar) Video (avi, ... Mp4,. Mov,. Flv, wmv, ... Asf,. Mpg) JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG, or RAW images (jpg, ... Jpeg, gif, ... Tiff,. Bmp,. PDF Document (Png). Pdf) Access databases (mdb, ... Mde, accdb, ... Accde) PowerPoint (ppt, ... Pps, pptx).Music (mp3, ... Wav)

Download File Repair

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Anonymous said...

i m trying this.
but it failed........

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