Sending Fax online

One technology that refuses to give up on the present technology is the fax. Large and small Companies use the computer as a fax machine to exchange documents, contracts and so on.
Faxing has still become an efficient communication. You need to print page you want to send it and put it on the fax machine. Even on the printer all-in-one printer or copy and fax capabilities, which can prevent you from two steps above, you do not know when the device will be damaged. Ink cartridge and toner spent quite a lot of money and if you will send fax outside your area, or abroad, you will get more bills. Home office users, small businesses and independent professionals cannot determine whether or not need a fax machine.

If you still rely on fax machine you can use the internet as an alternative to more expensive, and reliable. And it is an online alternative to faxing. You can upload the files you want to an online fax service that is connected to the office phone and the web server or send the file via email.

Using an online fax service you just enter the destination fax number. There are various formats which you can send as Word, PDF, JPEG, TIFF and other images.

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