ShutdownGuard: Preventing Application from Windows Shutdown or Restart

There are many applications that lead to shutdown your Windows when you do something else and eventually you lose your unsaved work. ShutdownGuard is a freeware application for Windows is trying to prevent the application to shutdown, reboot or log off the computer.

So next time an application attempts to restart the PC, you get a notice that the screen shutdown or restart prevented by ShutdownGuard. For Windows XP users, the notification is from the system tray.

Preventing Apps from Windows Shutdown or Restart the ShutdownGuardPerhatikan that ShutdownGuard will not be able to prevent all the shutdowns, because some programs explicitly tell Windows to force the shutdown. This means that some programs will still be able to shutdown the computer.

Mencegah Apps dari Windows Shutdown atau Restart dengan ShutdownGuard

There are several settings that can be configured in the configuration file. You can add a customized message when shutdown prevented.

ShutdownGuard not require administrator privileges and you can add to the list of start-up until monitoring begins automatically.

will by default check when the latest version available and will inform you if we find the latest version, you can also check for updates manually in the menu tray, regardless of this setting.

Download ShutdownGuard

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