Sony NGP released this year

Sony is committed to launch the PlayStation Portable gaming device this year. The device has a quality equivalent to the console game system and a bigger screen.

This commitment also shows the Japanese electronics manufacturers attempt to avert a serious threat from competitors. Not only of the Nintendo DS but also from Apple's smartphone vendor sorts.

According to Sony, the popularity of the iPhone and other smartphone manufacturers of gaming devices potentially threatening. Because smartphones today can not only be used for calling, watch videos, view email, or chat, but also to play games. Even with the availability of applications, and iPods tend to be iPad device for playing games.

Sony also introduced a new device, called the Next Generations Portable. The device is equipped with motion sensors, GPS-based location technology, touch-panel on the front and touch-pad in the back to allow the player presses the machine when I want to move the image. There was also a regular button and switch to complete the process in order to facilitate game play.

Sony is also providing third-generation wireless connection and the wifi to be able to access social networking while playing games or doing a direct download. The screen size of five inches with OLED technology that can deliver quality images and good color. Even four times better than the previous PSP.

In the portable gaming market, Sony's deal with Japan's Nintendo, which will introduce a new DS with 3-D features independent front tabulan kacama. NGP unfortunately will not include the 3-D. Microsoft is also a major player with the Xbox 360 while not providing a portable gaming device.

PlayStation Portable sales decreased by 37 percent last year to approximately 2.7 million for April to September. Though the same period last year its sales reached 4.3 million units. Instead Apple sold 16.2 million iPhones during the quarter October to December only.

More than 64 million PlayStation Portable machines have cumulatively sold worldwide since it went on sale in December 2004.

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