Backup Email accounts in Android

You can easily backup your email account and email by setting Android press from your android devices. One of the best email backup application Android will let you to backup all your email accounts that are connected on your Android phone and also includes settings that have been customized on your Android phone.

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This ensures you don't have to lose your Android data. Even if your Android will be stolen or replace a new android phone, you can only restore the android email accounts and settings.

Titanium Backup is a powerful tool to backup all your android applications. You will be surprised to see feedback from android applications.

Titanium backup application can only be installed if you are already using android phones. It can backup, restore, freeze (with Pro version) apps + data + Market links. It is also possible to batch process or scheduled backups. The pro version of Titanium backup application allows you to batch backups, Dropbox sync, conversion between user-application system.

Download Titanium backup

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