Email Attachment Downloader

If you are a user who frequently download Attachment email webmail, search for e-mail attachments, saving email attachments every time is a tedious task. How about email attachment downloader automatic search email attachments every hour or time to setup your options, search for new e-mail attachments, downloaded to your PC without disturbing the actual email or even do not make your email read. Just by filtering only attachments in email, Email Attachment Downloader will automatically to your computer.

mail attachment downloader Email Attachment DownloaderEmail Attachment Downloader is a software that can save the file e-mail attachments based on your search preferences without downloading mail. Program download only e-mail attachments only. You can setup various filters to specify what you want to download.

You can only set the schedule on a regular basis both in daily, hourly or custom time you specify. You can also set a filter and specify to download attachements, based on the size of the file type of file. You can also specify to download attachments only from specific people with specific subject based on time or date and much more.

Email Attachment Downloader supports Gmail, AOL, Hotmail/Live and Yahoo mail. This is useful when you have been in a situation where you have been waiting for an attachment arrived and have not arrived? Or when iterating the product and if the developer sent a new version of the iteration, can automatically download the latest version of attachments and so on.


Email Attachment Downloader :

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