GingerMaster : New Android Malware

Latest technology news, a dangerous new malware found on smartphones android and move freely, even at the operating system android most recent version though not exactly safe.

The new malware is called "GingerMaster", according to a report from Kaspersky Lab via laptopmag, this malware is found to have stolen the android Data on smartphones that have been infected and transmit stolen information such as device ID, a phone number to a remote server.

GingerMaster, Malware baru yang mampu menginfeksi Android 2 3 Gingerbread

Malware GingerMaster very scary because it is able to exploit the Android version 2.3 or Gingerbread. Gingermaster will have root access that allows to build direct line of communication between devices that are infected with a remote server.

Xuxian Jiang, a professor of computer science from North Carolina State University who discovered this GingerMaster said "Due to the fact GingerMaster able to exploit the current root, we think it poses one of the most serious threats for mobile users,"

Gingermaster infecting users, as do most smartphones virus, by hiding in a valid application and automatically download in the background, unnoticed. However, Kaspersky Lab researcher says there is no indication that any formal application in the Android market have a hidden malware.

Malware Gingermaster itself is actually a variant of DroidKungfu, namely a piece of malware that was found in May. The original version was found hiding in an unauthorized application on the application market of China, it has the same ability as GingerMaster but only on the previous version of the android.

However GingerMaster a different malware, malware is not only targeted at the Android 2.3.3 may also be infected at a higher version of the android, GingerMaster also managed to avoid detection from antivirus seleluar termuka all that has been tested,

GingerMaster, New malware that can infect Android 2 3 Gingerbread 2

to avoid various kinds of malware, Jiang gave a few tips below:
when you download smartphone applications, better looking of the leading application stores only, then check the reviews and ranking. If an application looks good, but the feedback from users to the contrary, it is better to leave it.

Jiang also added that in addition, make sure you feel comfortable with the data that will be their (application) access, if you feel the data accessed by the application too much, better not be downloaded.

And lastly, make sure you always update anvirus on your smartphone. Hopefully some of the above tips can safeguard you from malware android smartphone GingerMaster quite scary.

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