How to Remove conficker / downup in your computer

It has been more than three years since the early emergence Conficker, a virus that exploits the DCOM port security network for the purpose of spreading itself via the network media and the Internet. Conficker or collectively, the virus is classified as a virus Downadup the most popular and most victims. In a short time had spread and infect every network connected PC. The virus is very troublesome, because when already infected PC then the network will be slow and eventually end up.

Symptoms of Conficker / Downadup:

  1. There is an error message "Generic Host Process (GHP) Error"
  2. Conficker do pacthing against the RPC DCOM windows security gaps, and open a random port between 1024-10000 to spread itself over a network
  3. Network running slow
  4. Disconnected from the network, sharing folders disconnected
  5. Services dead tissue (network conection, servers, workstations)
  6. Services Sound off (windows audio), or the sound driver Cres
  7. Conficker duplicate files into a Removable Disk Drive: \ recycled \ jwgkvsq.vmx
  8. Can not access Website Security / Antivirus (,, Kapersky, etc.)
  9. Turning off system restore
  10. On the menu of Windows Firewall - Exceptions, there is a setting conficker with name% Random%

If the symptoms above occur on our computer, has been ascertained by computer is infected with Virus Conficker.
Here's Step by Step Method Solution how to remove Conficker:

  • If your computer is connected to a network, first disconnect by unplugging the network cable or disable the LAN.
  • Use the removal tools from conficker, can be downloaded here!
  • Perform scanning the computer using safe mode Removal Tools on Windows
  • After scanning is complete, restart Windows
  • Do your windows security patches MS08-067 patch can be downloaded on the site. Its function is to patch security loopholes that successfully hacked by Conficker
  • Antivirus installations that have been known and worked with both Conficker Antivirus and update the database regularly so that the virus does not re-invade our computers
  • Do a scan on the Removable Disk is suspicious, as there is a hidden Recycle folder, if so then certainly the Removable Disk is already infected by Conficker

May we all be free from computer virus.

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