Monitor Website Uptime from Desktop with tagBeep Net

Nightmare for webmasters is the site down unwittingly happened you can't monitor your Web site. There are several online sites for uptime monitoring site but very few of them are free & utility offers desktop to keep by looking at the warning.

Now here there is a desktop tool for uptime monitoring sites, tagBeep Net is a free tool from, monitoring uptime services which offer upto 50 checks with free SMS (20 per day), email and desktop tools for warning the site down.

login Memantau Situs Uptime dari Desktop dengan tagBeep Net

To use the Net user tagBeep have to do to register to start monitoring your website with and setup check. When you're done you can download and login to the tagBeep Net and started to check the status of the site.

Login Desktop Memantau Situs Uptime dari Desktop dengan tagBeep Net

eep Net is still in its early stages and doesn't offer a lot of features but enough for webmasters to know the status of their website is down or not.

You can also press the refresh button to do a manual check. It also shows the response time of your site. to begin, please visit the site directly below the posting here.

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