A new generation of Intel chips will support Super High Resolution Display

Latest technology news, latest intel Chips will provide support for ultra high resolution display, according to information seen by in a slide presentation of intel prosesesor development forum last week, intel will present "Ivy Bridge"

Still according to slide presentation, Ivy Bridge Chip will light the display resolution up to 4096 x 4096 pixels on a single monitor, as well as processing for 4 k video QuadHD

Ivy bridge - Chips Intel Generasi Baru akan Mendukung Tampilan Resolusi Super Tinggi

Ivy Bridge feature Intel chips is a unique 3D transistor using thin silicon Ridge at the power strip is usually used in 2D transistor. The changes become more cost-efficient 3D transistor made 30 percent of the planar transistor, and only with an increase in the cost of 2 to 3 percent. This development is one of the major steps to compete with intel's chips from the ARM architecture, and also allows for portable notebook with a screen similar to the Retina Display Apple with a much larger scale.

Intel chips with Ivy Bridge is going to be mass produced at the end of this year.

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