Simple tips in Caring your eyes

Healthy eyes is the natural yearning of all people because the eye as a major human organ. Eye as a window to the world also needs care to stay healthy. Not just skin that needs special protection during hot weather or under the scorching sun. UV rays can damage the eyes. So, select special Oakley Sunglasses which are also important so that the eyes remain healthy.

Do not choose sunglasses just because the model only. Make sure your glasses can protect eyes from dangerous UV rays. Many opticians said that the benefits of sunglasses are used to protect the skin from UV rays. Therefore it is also necessary protective goggles to prevent eye damage caused by UV beam. The eyes are also susceptible to UV light. Wear the sunglasses Oakley will prevent UV rays enter and damage the eyes. Here are some tips for caring your eyes:

If you plan on doing water sports, be sure to protect your eyes with special sunglasses. For outdoor activities like camping or fires do not forget to wear protective eyewear to small dirt and coals of fire does not pose a problem in the eye.

Eye washing
After swimming, always wash the eyes with fresh water. Not only the skin can become dry in summer, your eyes could also experiencing drought. Eye drops can be used to prevent dry eye. Ask your doctor eye drops that can make the eyes become more comfortable.

Wash your eyes with cold water twice a day, avoid rubbed his eyes with his hands, stay away from dusty areas, and do not forget to use sunglasses or other types of protective eyewear.

When sitting in the room air conditioner, make sure cold air does not directly lead to the eye because it can cause dry eyes and sensitive.

Get enough rest, sleep soundly for six to eight hours to help rejuvenate your eyes the natural way.

Here are some common eye disorders that occur during hot weather.

It is characterized by redness of the eyes and stabbing sensation in the eye. Treat immediately to prevent the spread of infection to others and the worsening condition of the eye. Keep always clean by washing your eyes with clean water. Use antibiotic eye drops and eye ointment under medical supervision.

Eyelid swelling, redness and pain occurs when a bacterial infection of the eyelids occurs. If you experience this problem, keep the eyes clean with warm water compresses and consumption of analgesic and antibiotic tablets.

Red eyes and dry eyes
Dry eye syndrome is common air temperature increases and trigger the occurrence of evaporation of tears. Eye wash as often as possible and use lubricant eye drops.

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