Trojan Virus is now able to Steal a list of Android Calls and messages

Latest technology news, online criminals have recycle ability Trojan Android cruel became more dangerous and damaging millions of smartphone users on the Android Platform

Trojoan is known as Androidos_Dordrae. N, this is a variant of trojan DroidDreamLight that began in late may, live 24 different android applications are legitimate, and when downloaded to give all the sensitive data between 30,000 – 120,000 victims.
Please note also that DroidDreamLight is itself a variant of DroidDream, who went into hiding in early March found in more than 50 Android applications

While DroidDream and DroidDreamLight were able to steal user data and download android phone into a mobile code berbaya terinfeksei, Androidos_Dordrae have enhanced ability to go further.

security firm Trend Micro says, a new variant of the Code has been modified to steal from Android users entry, text messages, call logs, phone contact list and information related to accounts that are stored on the smartphone.

"Also, based on the code, this malware has the ability to insert a message in the Inbox of infected devices, with delivery and message content is determined by the attacker, as well as the ability to send a message to the number in the user's contact list," Micro tulisTrend.

Currently, Androidos_Dordrae spreads through third party mobile applications stores mainly in China. Like a Trojan horse that looks like Androidos_Nickispy, who is hiding in the Google apps +, with a new variant of memungkingkan that DroidDreamLight easily could spread to the Android Market.

But thankfully, antivirus makers have been forced to adapt and create antivirus solutions for hundreds of millions of users who may be affected by the threat of mobile viruses. Some mobile security software companies such as Symantec, AVG and Kaspersky Lab, the Lookout, a smartphone that has been providing antivirus can be downloaded on the market of applications.

Fortunately, a smartphone that is so common now that the anti-virus makers have been forced to adapt and create anti-virus solutions for hundreds of millions of users who may be affected by the threat of mobile. Some mobile security software companies, including AVG,

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