Monitoring Network Traffic with NetworkTrafficView

NetworkTrafficView is a free application from Nirsoft that allows users to monitor network traffic. This is a network monitoring tool that captures packets through your network adapter, and display general statistics about network traffic. NetworkTrafficView could help to find out all network traffic and check if there are malwares or spywares transmission of information to the internet. This application is supported on all versions of Windows, from Windows 2000 and up to Windows 7, including 64-bit.

properties NetworkTrafficView alat Pantau Lalu Lintas Jaringan

properties NetworkTrafficView Traffic Monitor tools are grouped by type of Ethernet packets, IP Protocol, Source / Destination Address, and Source / Destination port. For each line of statistics, view the following information: Ethernet Type (IPv4, IPv6, ARP), IP protocol (TCP, UDP, ICMP), source address, Destination address, source port, destination port, Name Service (http, ftp, and etc.), packet count, number of packet size, amount of data, Size, Speed?? data, maximum speed?? data, average packet size, first / last packet Time, Duration, and the process ID / Name (For TCP connections).

You may need to select the network adapter to monitor traffic, make sure you run the tool in administrator mode to get the details.

NetworkTrafficView is a portable application and requires no installation. You can press F6 to stop the activity monitor network traffic, F5 to start again, or Ctrl + X to delete the network traffic statistics today.

Download NetworkTrafficView :

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