WebCartoonMaker: 2d Animation Software

If you are looking to review the best 2d animation software or figure out to learn how to make 2d animation? if you want to try you can use this tool, here is one of the best studio program, the best software for animation, 2d Animation Software called WebCartoonMaker.
web cartoon maker Software Animasi 2d dengan WebCartoonMaker
2d animation software is the best software I have ever tried. Unlike other animation 2d animation software does not have a WYSIWYG editor to drag and drop images or make them move by using a few clicks of a button. Also unlike other animation tools are not created 5 seconds gif image. Web Cartoon movie makers to create original 2D animation.

Web Animation Software 2d cartoon maker with WebCartoonMaker is an online tool to create animated 2D cartoons. It is absolutely free. Once you have created a cartoon using this tool, you can convert them to AVI video file, upload it to YouTube HD or even convert them to dvd or blu ray.

Unlike similar software 2d animation many others, Web Cartoon Maker is not pretending to be a WYSIWYG This allows you to program your cartoons, using the programming language (C + + interpreter UnderC that is installed on the server).

It may sound difficult at first sight, but with a few lines of code you can move your cartoon character with ease. For example, once you've installed Webcartoonmaker on your computer, open it and by giving a few lines.

You can use characters, images and text. Everything can be moved, rotated, scaled, flipped or become semi-transparent. Once again, each operating with only one line of code. Make sure, WCM Player software is required to play your movies and convert them to AVI format.

You can see video WebCartoonMaker 2d Animation Software here :

For better understanding, try the online web cartoon maker, you can load multiple scripts, try the script itself, examining how the work before you download the desktop tools. Only if you have a player WCM installed on your computer, you can watch a preview of the animation.

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