Backup And Synchronize Data with DropBox

When you work using a computer, you have to deal with so many files that are the result of your work. Set up multiple files is not easy. For example when you have to edit some files there, then you want to update your database with a few files that you just edit them. Doing this kind of update manually must be very confusing. To be able to synchronize these with ease, you should use a special program.

Dropbox is a program to synchronize files are very simple and elegant. But, this program is not the solution to synchronize files or folders from several different computers. Dropbox synchronizes only on files that exist in one folder. To be able to use Dropbox, you must first register on his official website Then, you must download and install the client program provided. This program will create a folder called "My Dropbox" in your Documents folder. To be able to open the folder, you can click the system icon tray is available.

Dropbox does not synchronize files on your computer. This application synchronizes on the cloud servers. So, you should always connect to the internet while using Dropbox. This is very advantageous. You can access all the files in your Dropbox from several different computers, provided that the program Dropbox is installed there. You can also access your files using the web interface provided by Dropbox. Dropbox web interface is very simple and easy to use. If you frequently use Facebook, you will have no difficulty in using it because the Dropbox web interface very similar to Facebook.

When you register to be able to use the program Dropbox, you can choose several types of Dropbox. If you choose Dropbox Basic, you'll get 2GB of storage capacity. If you are willing to pay as little as $ 9.95 per month, you can use Dropbox Pro, which provides a storage capacity of 50GB. You do not have to bother to update the program Dropbox, since this program will update itself automatically.

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