How to protect your computer from the virus in Internet

The computer is still a mainstay device for accessing the internet. Secure computer is one of the capital for cruising the Internet activity takes place smoothly. This is because computers are secure better able to ward off an attack or malicious programs that try to get through the internet. If you often become victims of virus attacks, it could be your computer is not powerful enough to ward off incoming attacks.

Here are four important capital to protect your computer:

  • Make sure the firewall is always in a position "on". A firewall is a software that can counteract the illegal access to computers, whether they intend to remove the information, computer damage, or steal personal data. If you use more than one computer connected together, make sure the firewall on each computer is active. This is to prevent the virus spreading to all computers if one computer is infected.
  • Use software and operating system up-to-date. The latest update, let alone the nature of the high priority it is important to computer security. Update software usually contains the latest protection, as well as improvements to the bugs and security loopholes that exist in previous versions.
  • Always update antivirus software. Antivirus technologies are better able to ward off viruses and spyware that attack your computer, rather than the antivirus with the old technology.
  • Brainware factor (human) also plays an important role. Always be alert and careful, as not just open an attachment in an e-mail or link that is not known exactly what it says. Attachments or links it may contain viruses or other malicious programs. Do not download any, except from a trusted site, and read all security warnings, license agreements and related privacy of any software you download.

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Thanks for this tips.Antivirus software is a must to protect our computer from viruses but common sense is the best weapon against them :)

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