BlackBerry 10, The new OS from BlackBerry

BlackBerry smartphone users? Be prepared for the presence of a revolutionary new OS from BlackBerry, BlackBerry 10. This new Operating System should be able to change the view of the outside of the BlackBerry (by some people) is considered as a smartphone for email and fuel alone.

New Base

After a long struggle with the old OS (yes, even for OS7), RIM decided to switch to OS with a new basis, namely the QNX OS. Operating System is already long enough to use on the BlackBerry Playbook. Finally, RIM chose the OS for smartphones in the future development.
Performance: Fast

Yes, the resulting device performance became one of the emphasis has to offer. By developing an OS that makes an application to access the full hardware capabilities and a powerful combination with hardware, this can be obtained. Seeing that the base used is QNX OS, it is very likely to be reached.

Demo capability to do with the BlackBerry Playbook BB10 which uses dual-core processor with a PowerVR GPU do seem very convincing. From the demo that we saw during the BlackBerry DevCon Asia 2011 in Singapore, performing a combination of hardware and the OS does not need to doubt

BlackBerry 10 Flexibility: Easy

From the developers of applications, flexibility must exist, if a platform to gain widespread support. That's why RIM is preparing a variety of ways for application developers to create applications that can be paired with BB10. Starting from the support C, C + +, to the ease of developing web based applications and HTML5 for BB10. Adobe AIR also supported by BlackBerry 10, making developers more easily choose the base application. Uniquely, RIM promises that even the developers who use a web base application that can create beautiful and should be accelerated a native application.

To simplify the developer, RIM also provides a cascade. Simply put, it presents a variety of cascade effects package that can be immediately used by developers when designing applications. Thus, a notepad application could have been made to the effect that waving paper with ease because the developer does not need to design these effects again. This means the display and effects on applications built with the cascade will be beautiful, without burdening the programmer in designing these effects.

Runtime Environment: Abundant Applications

Well, this is one interesting thing. Playbook users may have never known that there is an Android application that can run on the Playbook. This extra benefit will be passed on BB10. So, BB10 will have the Android runtime environment that can run Android applications!

Example screenshot of a small Android application that works seamlessly on BlackBerry Playbook

Of course, there is a requirement for Android application can be run on the device BB10. Developers should do their repackaging in GER. This process of "wrapping back" is also facilitated by RIM by providing special tools. In the best conditions, a GER can be converted to run on BB10 within 10-15 minutes. RIM has even said that about 65% -70% of existing Android applications should now be converted easily and quickly.

Yes, GL acceleration in Android game can be run on the BlackBerry Playbook

Despite working in a runtime environment, applications that Android can still access the hardware fully. GL hardware acceleration as can be done easily. This is shown by Gameloft in his presentation to the participants BlackBerry DevCon Asia 2011.

Applications that are not available natively (such as the RSS reader of this gorgeous) for BlackBerry 10, can be obtained by repackaging Android Applications
BlackBerry 10: Revolution of the Brave

With a strong base of UNIX and open source libraries, RIM BlackBerry will soon be presenting a 10. This will be strengthened BlackBerry OS 10 BB 10, BB 10 services, and application platform environments BB 10. This means RIM is doing a very brave revolution. Of course, this is a breath of fresh air. Apparently, we will soon see the BlackBerry device that has the ability and support applications such as those encountered on the Android or even Apple's IOS.

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