Blank Screen at Computer Monitor

Hygiene in the way the inside of the casing is quite important because it deals with the air temperature inside the cpu space on the processor, causing the temperature to rise. So very good if often do cleaning on the inside of the cpu.
But often after the cleansing can cause some events that are not expected such a computer could not live at all or even a computer no response at all after power on and turned on the monitor does not show anything just a blank black screen alias.

I wonder what causes it so that instead of being more fresh after cleaning the inside of the cpu but instead create new problems.

There are several causes of problems after cleaning.

  1.     Because it's too long not been cleaned so that when there was still some clean up dust that causes a short circuit causing damage to certain electronic components.
  2.     The existence of a touch on a RAM (Random Access Memory) when cleaning so that the connection is lost between the memory with the mainboard.
  3.     Data cabling is not correct (reversed), this occurs when the release of all data cables and power supply when cleaning the inside of the cpu.

Prevention measures.

  •     Perform scheduled cleaning after the purchase of computers so that no occurrence of the excess dust in the cpu space.
  •     At the time of cleaning the inside of the cpu, do not remove the memory from his bank to avoid entry of dust into the interior of the memory bank.
  •     After making sure that the mainboard is in a state of memory bukakah clean and clean brass parts are connected or direct contact with the mainboard.
  •     Clean cards also tepasang on the mainboard.
  •     Ensure that the data cable is not reversed pemasangn.
  •     Make sure all power supply cables have been installed on the hard disk, cd rom as well as other components that require power supply.

Similarly, a few tips to overcome the problem of blank screen.

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