Hackers Steal Apple, Microsoft and U.S. Government Data in stratfor website

Anonymous Hacker group again make a trouble. This time the group claims to have successfully hacked the Stratfor website, the company that has clients such as Apple, Microsoft and a number of important institutions of  the United States government.

Stratfor itself is one company that offers consulting services about the tactical and strategic intelligence, security analyst at a company, and demographic politics in some countries.

It is said that companies from the United States that have very few clients are kept confidential as the U.S. Defense Department, U.S. Army, Air Force, law enforcement agencies, security contractors, and leading technology companies like Apple and Microsoft.

Quoted from AFP on Monday (12.26.2011), Anonymous hacker group claimed to have managed to get thousands of critical data owned by companies that use the services of Stratfor, including Apple and Microsoft.

It was also proved by trying to expose some evidence like a screenshot of the data, as well as special links Stratfor refer to the actual client is strictly confidential.

Ironically, a group of hackers who stuck out his name in the scandal sites 'whistleblower' WikiLeaks says that Stratfor does not encrypt data on its users, allowing you to easily read.

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