How to make printer Cartrige durable

Perhaps you have and often experiencing a like ink often injected and then the longer the shorter the life of the ink, but you do not know what causes it.The longer these events are increasingly making the ink age inside cartrige getting shorter so that makes us more often injecting ink into the cartrige. This is caused by several things, among which are:

  •     Too frequent injecting ink into the cartrige
  •     Moisture on the head cartrige not terjada
  •     Experiencing leaks in cartrige thus making the ink dry faster in cartrige

To make cartrige more durable and longer lasting here I try to give some tips as follows:

  1.     Not too often do the injecting ink into the cartrige, try to not more than 3 times the injection
  2.     Always keep the moisture in the head cartrige, the point is if cartrige release from the printer, cover the head / head cover cartrige with cotton or obtained at the time of purchase so that moisture is maintained so that the head does not experience drought which eventually became clogged ink nozzles during printing
  3.     In the process of injecting ink into the cartrige certainly have to break the seal closing the hole injection, after which it must close the back aperture of injectable tightly so it does not happen in the cartrige drying. In case of drying the existing space in the cartrige as a placeholder where the ink will be smaller, maybe you've had time to do the injection, only a few milli cartrigenya ink alone is full, it's because some of the contents of cartrige is the ink dry.
  4.     If need to do manually on the head cartrige heating with hot water, how to pour water in a container mendidi flat, then point the head cartrige into hot water and try not touch the water surface is colored yellow sircuit.

These tips I learned from my own experience during use deskjet printer, for the loyal blog visitors who want to study computer science tips to add please post via the comments field. Good luck ...

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