How to reset BIOS password in Laptop

If users can not access the laptop after it has been turned on, meaning the use of laptops should pass the BIOS passwordBIOS passwords are stored in CMOS memory which resources are maintained by a small battery when the PC is turned off, attached to a particular place or attached to the motherboard. If a user opens this battery, all CMOS information (including the BIOS password) will be lost. Users must re-enter the correct CMOS setup information to use laptops.

There are certain times when the laptop battery is soldered onto the motherboard, making it difficult to be removed. If this happens, usually there is another alternative that is at a place on the motherboard there is a jumper that will clear the BIOS passwordIf you have documentation of your laptop motherboard, then the bias easily locate this jumper. If not, the jumper may be labeled on the motherboard. This jumper is usually standing alone near a small battery. If users can not find the jumper, it is still possible to look at the points where the battery is connected to the motherboard.

If you notice the picture above, it turns out there is 3 feet cmos jumper. In the picture above, if the jumper is placed at position 1, then it is a normal state. If the jumper is opened and placed on CLRTC, then it will erase all data on the BIOS settings
How to Reset the BIOS Password via SoftwareIf the above two ways of resetting a password, what a last resort? We will use the software reset the BIOS password. Most laptop users prefer this last way. Each Laptop stores the BIOS password information somewhere. If a user can access the laptop after it has been booted successfully, the user may be able to view the BIOS password. But the user must know the memory address where the BIOS password is stored and the format in which the BIOS password is stored or has a program to know these things.

BIOS is a software that can run on a DOS window to clear the BIOS password. This is usually used in the BIOS: IBM, American Megatrends Inc.., Award, and Phoenix. Unfortunately, many laptop users are afraid of a black screen. Please download this software, free existence.
KeyDisk often used for password reset Toshiba laptop. Please visit the address and read the tutorial.
CmosPwd can recover some BIOS passwords such as:

  •         ACER / IBM BIOS
  •         AMI BIOS
  •         WinBIOS AMI 2.5
  •         Award 4.5x/4.6x/6.0
  •         Compaq (1992)
  •         Compaq (New version)
  •         IBM (PS / 2, Activa, Thinkpad)
  •         Packard Bell
  •         1.00.09.AC0 Phoenix (1994), a486 1:03, 1:04, 1:10 A03, 1.02.943 rev 4:05, rev 4:06 13/1/1107
  •         Phoenix 4 release 6 (User)
  •         Gateway Solo - Phoenix 4.0 release 6
  •         Toshiba
  •         Zenith AMI

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