How to Speed ​​up Windows 7 Boot

If you are running Windows 7 or Windows Vista, you can speed up Windows boot by using the tools in Group Policy Editor. Facilities on this one I love because there are many options in it including improved start up time. Menghapus start up programs using MSCONFIG is a great way to start reducing the burden, but not all can be deleted because there are certain parts that can not be disabled. So if you are running windows 7 edition of the Professional, Ultimate or Enterprise, use the Group Policy Editor helps start up time.

These are some steps how to Speed ​​up Windows 7 Boot

The first step is you have to get Group Policy Editor in the control panel. Unfortunately this facility is not on the version of Home and Starter Edition. Click the windows, and in the dialog box type: gpedit.msc and click [OK].

Please navigate the pointer to [Computer Configuration]> [Administrative Templates]> [System]> Troubleshooting and Diagnostics]> [Windows Boot Performance Diagnostics].

Next double-click [Configure Scenario Executio level]. Please [Enable] this facility. Furthermore, under the column [Scenario Executio level] Please click the drop-down arrow and select [Detection, Troubleshooting and Resolution].

In order for this facility works, Diagnostic Policy Service in the state must start. After that the facility is running, but to make sure check the Administrative Tools section of the control panel. Look in the Services and make sure the DSP in running position.

  The above steps should be able to speed up Windows boot time. That is one way Accelerate Boot Windows 7

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